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Steel Deals

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Our Steel Deals are at knockout prices. Get em' while supplies last... because once the're gone, they're gone forever! Take a peek at our selection of discounted items that are sure to knock your socks off. Every once in a while you want a bargain or more bang for your buck. Well you've come to the right place. These hot prices won't get any better than this. With the same quality as our non-Steel Deal items, you're sure to still get quality tools you can enjoy and appreciate. 

From eyelash curlers to cuticle nippers to tweezers and oil blotting paper, these products are definitely deals you don't want to miss out on. Check them out today! 

Your Seki Edge Deals await...

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  1. 3 Rolls of X-Shine Blotting Paper (X-100)

    h2>Blotting paper cuts out the shine!Natural hemp and 'active silk' fibers absorbs more oil! X-Shine is a lipstick-size oil-blotting paper filled with a generous 14 feet of silky paper that you can take anywhere! A new blend of natural hemp and 'active silk' absorbs more oil with less paper. Just twist the bottom dial, tear off the amount you need, pat it on your face, and watch the oil as it quickly gets absorbed, transfering the shine from your face to the paper leaving you with a fresh glow. **Each order comes with 3 rolls** Learn More

    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price $3.00

  2. Body Tweezer (SS-509)

    h2>These Body Tweezers have safe rounded tips for gripping hair anywhere on the body.With a comfortable angled handle, it allows for easier view so you can see the root of the hair as you tweeze. This tweezer is versatile, safe, and gentle to the skin. Learn More

    Regular Price: $18.00

    Special Price $9.00

  3. EZ Lash Comb (SE-52)

    h2>Even the best eyelash curler can't keep your mascara clumps away!A plastic eyelash separator that is simple, lightweight and easy to store. While supplies last! The EZ Lash Comb (SE-52) plastic eyelash separator is simple, lightweight and easy to store! For clumping eyelashes, this separates your eyelashes with a few strokes by squeezing the handle and gently pulling the lashes away from your eyes! This is a must have for any woman who uses mascara. Learn More

    Regular Price: $4.00

    Special Price $2.00

  4. My iLash Curler (SE-61)

    h2>The best eyelash curler for your money!

    A fun, folding eyelash curler for girls on the go! Available while supplies last. The My i-lash Folding Lash Curler is excellent for girls on the go! Folds to pack... opens to curl! The Folding Eyelash Curler expands to a full size curler for beautiful lashes every time. Ergonomically designed and lightweight, it fits easily in your purse, glove compartment, or cosmetic bag. Replacement pads are featured in the Seki Edge store as SS-602R. 

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $11.00

    Special Price $5.00

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