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Nail Nippers

Seki Edge nail nippers are strong, durable and cut those thick stubborn toenails with ease

Nail Nippers

Nail Nipper Defined

Nail nippers are extremely sharp and durable to cut the toughest nails. When you look for a nail nipper usually it's because regular nail clippers or nail scissors are not strong enough to cut through thick tough nails. You need something heavy duty, something with more power behind it. A nail nipper usually has a much wider opening than a nail clipper and the end is shaped so that you can get under then nail with ease. They have strong handles that are ergonomically designed for your comfort. Made of stainless steel, the Seki Edge nail nipper allows you to steer your cuts with it's powerful sharp blades. Go ahead, put our tools to the test. Our nail nippers will cut gently, without shedding or chipping your nails. It's that good!

Nail Nippers Tend to be Toenail Nippers

Nails that require a nail nipper are really toenails. That's because toenails are much thicker than fingernails. Toenails are also wider and larger. Special instruments like a toenail nipper may be required to get those thick, difficult to cut nails. Check out the Seki Edge Nail Nipper below!

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  1. Acrylic Nail Scissors (SS-201)

    h2>These scissors are personal grooming tools that make your manicure kit complete!

    The Acrylic Nail Scissor has a serrated cutting edge that grips while you cut your nails, meaning it will not slip with cutting. The sharp stainless steel edges on the nail cutter cuts both acrylic nails and acrylic toenails.

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  2. In-Grown Toenail Nipper (SS-203)

    h2>This nipper allows you to create square-shaped nails and prevent in-grown toenails

    In-grown toenails are painful but luckily you can help prevent them by making sure you don't cut the corners of your toenails. When toenails are cut into the corners, toenails have a tendency to grow into the skin. This is why it's important to cut toenails in a square shape. Square-shaped toenails allow toenails to grow out straight rather than curve in. Typical nippers on the market surprisingly don't make it easy to do so. The curvature of this nipper, however, curves away from the nail allowing small precise cuts and the creating of square-shape Learn More

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  3. Nail Nipper with Shield (SS-204)

    p>When it comes to trimming thick toenails a regular nail clipper just won't cut it. No pun intended. What you need is a strong nipper that can challenge the thickness. But when it's all said and done, the last think you want is for the clipping to go flying across the room. Leave it to Seki Edge to have a nail nipper with a magnetic shield to keep nail clippings where they should the trash. The shield can be removed. The nipper also has a proprietary loop design that gives durability and smooth action. The nipper is hand-crafted and maintains sharp and durable edges.

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  4. Professional Nail Nipper (SS-202)

    h2>Nail nippers that will get those tough to cut nails!

    The Professional Nail Nippers makes cutting thick nails easy! When a standard nail clipper just won't do the job, it's time to look for something more heavy duty. This usually comes in the form of nail nippers. Nail nippers have strong jaws that can open wider than regular nail clippers and apply great force on thick nails. Nail nippers also allow you to steer your cuts so you have more control over where they cut. The powerful blades cut the thickest nails like butter and the double spring design allows for a smooth cutting motion. Combine this with a curved hand Learn More

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  5. Stainless Steel Nail Scissors (SS-205)

    p>Similar to the SS-201, these nail scissors feature a proprietary loop design that gives durability and smooth action. Extensively tested, the loop design also allows for a smooth cutting performance. The serrated edges prevent slipping while cutting and has ergonomic handles to prevent tiring of the hands.

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