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Nail Files

You can file your nails in multiple directions with Seki Edge nail files

Nail File

Long Lasting Nail Files

If you would rather use a metal nail file than a disposable one, you've come to the right place. Metal nail files are more environmentally friendly as disposable ones create a lot of waste. Metal nail files are long lasting! They are durable and easy to use, but are made for home use. If you get your nails done by a professional, you can bring your metal nail file for your nail tech to use on your nails.

Unique Features of our Nail Filers

Seki Edge Nail Files are extremely durable, ergonomic and unique. Made in Seki, Japan, these nail files have metal filing surfaces, have multi-directional filing and are highly durable and effective! Depending on your filing needs you can also choose between two different nail files that have safety features (meaning no sharp ends) so kids can use it. You may opt for a multi-functional nail file that can both file nails and act as a cuticle pusher. Or you may want the long toenail file for instances when reaching your toenails is difficult to achieve. The Seki Edge nail files can meet any of your filing needs.

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  1. Curved Natural Nail File (SS-404)

    h2>The nail filer that's curved for easier shaping!This exclusive, dual-purpose combination file is great for fine & coarse filing as it meets your different filing needs. It shapes nails smoothly for professional results and it's uncanny ease of use will make make you fall in love with this nail file. Learn More
  2. Long Toenail File (SS-401)

    h2>This nail filer is meant for hard to reach toenail filing!

    Long reach handle gives supreme control over your filing needs. This perfect pedicure companion has a contour file tip for easy shaping & smoothing. This stainless steel toenail file easily shapes toenails for a beautiful finished pedicure look. With a honeycomb etched abrasive and long handle with a curved tip, you can file your toenails with ease. And best of all, you will never need to buy another one again!

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  3. Nail File with Pusher (SS-402)

    h2>A nail filer that acts as a nail file and a cuticle pusher!This versatile all-in-one nail cleaner, nail file and metal cuticle pusher is the perfect manicure companion. Compact and portable, take this versatile nail file with you anywhere. Fits nicely in a make-up bag, travel kit, or in a small compartment in the car. You never know when you will need an emergency tool like this! Use the metal cuticle pusher side to push down cuticles. Use the multi-directional etched nail file side to file freshly clipped nails. Then, use the pointed side of the nail file to clean underneath the nails. Learn More
  4. Rounded Nail File (SS-405)

    h2>This nail filer is great for kids to use!

    The patented Rounded Nail File was designed for safety. There are no sharp edges that can scratch you or poke inside your purse. This makes it completely safe even for kids! The unique rounded nail file shapes and finishes nails with a compact U-shaped design. Unlike the Finishing Round File, this file has a larger fine-etched abrasive surface which is great for those who have larger hands with larger nails. It comes in a convenient travel size that is perfect for the pocket or purse.

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