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Nail Clippers, Nippers & Files

Seki Edge nail clippers, nail nippers and nail files are our bread and butter

Personal Grooming Tools

Nail tools keep your nails in tip top shape. This means a good nail clipper, nail nipper & nail file which improve the appearance and health of your nails! Your nails are the building blocks which helps protect the ends of the fingers and toes! Seki Edge offers the absolute highest quality nail clipper, nail nipper and nail file for your everyday use. Use Seki Edge high performance grooming tools to optimize your nail health and keep them looking fantastic all day long. The nail clipper is our #1 selling item. If there is one item you get from Seki Edge, it's got to be the nail clipper.

Don't forget about the nail nipper!

Other than the standard nail clipper, we also have a great nail nipper and nail files. The nail nipper is perfect for those tough, thick toenails that are hard to cut. Whatever your nail grooming needs are, Seki Edge probably has the nail tool you are looking for.

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  1. Acrylic Nail Scissors (SS-201)

    h2>These scissors are personal grooming tools that make your manicure kit complete!

    The Acrylic Nail Scissor has a serrated cutting edge that grips while you cut your nails, meaning it will not slip with cutting. The sharp stainless steel edges on the nail cutter cuts both acrylic nails and acrylic toenails.

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  2. ALL Stainless Steel Nail Clipper (SS-111)

    p>The ALL Stainless Steel Nail Clipper (SS-111) is 100% stainless steel. This means it can be completely sanitized and disinfected. It also means it can be used for medical use. The edges are hand-finished and it has sharp cutting edges for easy clipping. 

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  3. Curved Natural Nail File (SS-404)

    h2>The nail filer that's curved for easier shaping!This exclusive, dual-purpose combination file is great for fine & coarse filing as it meets your different filing needs. It shapes nails smoothly for professional results and it's uncanny ease of use will make make you fall in love with this nail file. Learn More
  4. Deluxe Fingernail Clipper (SS-101)

    h2>These nail clippers won't disappoint!

    Our Seki Edge Deluxe Fingernail Clippers can help maintain healthy looking nails. The built-in nail catcher traps excess clippings for easy disposal and the die-cast lever gives smooth easy action while cutting. It also comes with it's own metal etched file on the bottom to smooth nails after clipping.This all-in-one fingernail clipper is great when you need everything in one!

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  5. Deluxe Toenail Clipper (SS-102)

    h2>These toe nail clippers are all-in-one!

    It can be pretty frustrating when you clip your toenails and the nails fly across the room. How embarrassing would that be if someone found your nail clipping sometime later? It's not your fault. A toenail clipper should keep toenail clippings within a close proximity. Keeping 'barrier walls' around you while clipping shouldn't be part of your repertoire. Clippings should be managed in an easy and convenient way. But also, once you clip your toenails, you want a smooth edge. Having a nail file is convenient to finish off the job. The Deluxe Toenail Clipper comes with a nail catcher to trap c Learn More

  6. EZ View Clipper (SS-105)

    h2>Nail clippers with a magnifying glass!

    Do you have a hard time seeing your toenails when you are cutting them? The EZ View Clipper features the ability to enhance your view as you are trimming your toenails. Now you can cut your nails with confidence. This nail clipper was designed to enable individuals to trim their nails without the help of others. It allows for precise clipping with a close-up view for those who need to see the details, prevent accidental cutting of the skin, and to prevent improper cutting of the nails for those who may have health concerns or need to see up close. Unique in function, it folds to close and has a Learn More

  7. In-Grown Toenail Nipper (SS-203)

    h2>This nipper allows you to create square-shaped nails and prevent in-grown toenails

    In-grown toenails are painful but luckily you can help prevent them by making sure you don't cut the corners of your toenails. When toenails are cut into the corners, toenails have a tendency to grow into the skin. This is why it's important to cut toenails in a square shape. Square-shaped toenails allow toenails to grow out straight rather than curve in. Typical nippers on the market surprisingly don't make it easy to do so. The curvature of this nipper, however, curves away from the nail allowing small precise cuts and the creating of square-shape Learn More

  8. Long Toenail File (SS-401)

    h2>This nail filer is meant for hard to reach toenail filing!

    Long reach handle gives supreme control over your filing needs. This perfect pedicure companion has a contour file tip for easy shaping & smoothing. This stainless steel toenail file easily shapes toenails for a beautiful finished pedicure look. With a honeycomb etched abrasive and long handle with a curved tip, you can file your toenails with ease. And best of all, you will never need to buy another one again!

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  9. Nail File with Pusher (SS-402)

    h2>A nail filer that acts as a nail file and a cuticle pusher!This versatile all-in-one nail cleaner, nail file and metal cuticle pusher is the perfect manicure companion. Compact and portable, take this versatile nail file with you anywhere. Fits nicely in a make-up bag, travel kit, or in a small compartment in the car. You never know when you will need an emergency tool like this! Use the metal cuticle pusher side to push down cuticles. Use the multi-directional etched nail file side to file freshly clipped nails. Then, use the pointed side of the nail file to clean underneath the nails. Learn More
  10. Nail Nipper with Shield (SS-204)

    p>When it comes to trimming thick toenails a regular nail clipper just won't cut it. No pun intended. What you need is a strong nipper that can challenge the thickness. But when it's all said and done, the last think you want is for the clipping to go flying across the room. Leave it to Seki Edge to have a nail nipper with a magnetic shield to keep nail clippings where they should the trash. The shield can be removed. The nipper also has a proprietary loop design that gives durability and smooth action. The nipper is hand-crafted and maintains sharp and durable edges.

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  11. Professional Nail Nipper (SS-202)

    h2>Nail nippers that will get those tough to cut nails!

    The Professional Nail Nippers makes cutting thick nails easy! When a standard nail clipper just won't do the job, it's time to look for something more heavy duty. This usually comes in the form of nail nippers. Nail nippers have strong jaws that can open wider than regular nail clippers and apply great force on thick nails. Nail nippers also allow you to steer your cuts so you have more control over where they cut. The powerful blades cut the thickest nails like butter and the double spring design allows for a smooth cutting motion. Combine this with a curved hand Learn More

  12. Rounded Nail File (SS-405)

    h2>This nail filer is great for kids to use!

    The patented Rounded Nail File was designed for safety. There are no sharp edges that can scratch you or poke inside your purse. This makes it completely safe even for kids! The unique rounded nail file shapes and finishes nails with a compact U-shaped design. Unlike the Finishing Round File, this file has a larger fine-etched abrasive surface which is great for those who have larger hands with larger nails. It comes in a convenient travel size that is perfect for the pocket or purse.

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  13. Satin Slim Clipper (SS-109)

    h2>These nail clippers have an attached nail catcher AND built-in nail file!

    The Satin Slim Clipper is an upgraded version of our already popular Satin Straight Clipper (SS-108) with a curved cutting edge and an attached nail catcher and built-in nail file. A work of art, these fingernail clippers are made from the most advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques. With edges that are honed by hand by master craftsman, these satin matte finished fingernail clippers will leave your nails looking beautiful and feeling satisfied. As one of our most compact nail clippers, these fingernail c Learn More

  14. Satin Straight Clipper (SS-108)

    h2>These nail clippers are great for on-the-go emergencies!

    Small and compact yet durable and long lasting, this clipper helps to keep your nails in tip top shape with every cut. These straight nail clippers are unique in that the clipping edge is completely straight. The straight nail clippers advantage is that it allows you to shape your nails easier than with a curved one, and it is especially useful in preventing ingrown nails as it's recommended to cut nails straight across in best practice for prevention. Made of twice tempered stainless steel with hand-finsihed tips, the Satin Straight Clipper is a beauty.

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  15. Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper (SS-106)

    h2>The best fingernail clippers!

    Where style, technology and quality meets! Have you ever been disappointed with your fingernail clippers? Unfortunately, for some of us, the cheap clippers can cause splitting and tearing of the nail which can leave a rather rough and jagged edge. One experience using poor quality fingernail clippers can leave you feeling frustrated by unacceptable performance. Look no further! Seki Edge proudly acknowledges and introduces the best fingernail clippers you will ever use. Why? Because of their sharp cutting edge, contemporary stainless steel design, and high quality performance. The best fingernail clippe Learn More

  16. Stainless Steel Nail Clipper (SS-112)

    he Stainless Steel Nail Clipper is a high quality tool for trimming nails. It features hand finished edges, ergonomic gripping, sharp cutting edges, a die cast lever for smooth easy action and a built-in nail file all in one! This nail clipper is a beauty to not only look at but the performance is superior. Learn More
  17. Stainless Steel Nail Scissors (SS-205)

    p>Similar to the SS-201, these nail scissors feature a proprietary loop design that gives durability and smooth action. Extensively tested, the loop design also allows for a smooth cutting performance. The serrated edges prevent slipping while cutting and has ergonomic handles to prevent tiring of the hands.

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  18. Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper (SS-107)

    h2>Our most popular toe nail clippers!

    These toenail clippers have sharp edges so they leave clean cuts. Once you handle these toenail clippers you will notice its durablity and solid composition. The sleek look of the toenail clipper makes it a beauty to look at. The sleek, sophisticated and modern look combined with centuries-old manufacturing techniques has made this toenail clipper the clipper of choice for people all over the world. Once you have a Seki Edge toenail clipper, you'll want all your friends and family to have one too! But just beware: We've heard stories of family members stealing their Seki Edge nail clippers! Keeps Learn More


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