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Hair Scissors

Haircutting scissors you can use at home.

Make a statement with your hair. The Seki Edge Scissors and Razor collection offers a great selection of tools to help you cut hair the way you want to! Extremely sharp and durable, Seki Edge hair grooming tools keep hair healthy and manageable! If you are a do-it-yourselfer, cutting your own hair...or at least parts of your hair is fun and easy to do. Whether it's trimming bangs, creating a few layers in the front to frame the face, cutting off split ends or cutting someone else's hair, Seki Edge has affordable and easy to use haircutting scissors and a hairstyling razor to get you on the path to beautiful hair. 

Use these scissors for hair texturizing, blending or simply cutting.

Trim hair with the Haircutting Scissors, texturize hair with the Blending Scissors and create volume or release weight in the hair with the Hairstyling Razor. For in between haircuts at the salon or touching up a few stray hairs, owning some haircutting tools can give you piece of mind that you can have great looking hair all the time and not spend a fortune or excessive amounts of time at the salon. 

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  1. Haircutting Styling Razor (SS-702)

    h2>Female or male grooming may mean getting a razor cut to create texture and volume!This unique razor comb is optimally designed for flexibility for your blending and texturizing needs. With an adjustable dial control for cutting or texturizing hair, an adjustable handle for right or left handed use, and a guarded blade designed for safety, this razor comb is unlike any other. The razor comb uses double edged razor blades. Replacement blades that are available in packs of 5 and 10 and are manufactured in Japan from the highest quality materials by experienced craftsmen. Learn More
  2. Seki Edge Stainless Steel Blending Scissors (SS-704)

    oned and ground for precisions, these 5.5" shears are an economical choice for blending hair. The handles are slightly offset for comfort. The stainless steel is drop-forged and it's edged, polished, finalized and inspected in Japan. The blending shears blend cut lines for natural transitions. Learn More
  3. Seki Edge Stainless Steel Haircutting Scissors (SS-703)

    oned and ground for precision, these 5.5" shears are a great economical choice for haircutting. The handles are slightly offset for comfort and it's made from drop-forged stainless steel. The sharp cutting edges create clean cuts. The shear is edged, polished, finalized and inspected in Japan. Learn More

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