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Eyelash Curler Pads

Seki Edge eyelash curler pads keep your eyelash curlers working perfectly every time

Eyelash Curler Refills

The pads rejuvenate their effect on lashes by simply changing the silicone pads on your favorite eyelash curler! All replacement pads come in packs of four. Replacement pads are available for the Metal Eyelash Curler, Folding Eyelash Curler and the Spot Eyelash Curler. It's very easy to replace the pads. Once the pads are in place they don't move or come out. 

Eyelash curler pads keep your eyelash curler working strong!

Keep your eyelash curlers working strong by replacing pads when the eyelash curler is not curling as well as it used to! It's recommended that you change your pads every 3 months or as needed to keep your curler working optimally. When you start to notice the curler is losing some of it's juice, change the pads! Check out the eyelash curler pads below. 

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