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Tweezers & Eyelash Curlers

Eyebrow & Eyelash

Seki Edge tweezers and eyelash curlers are great for making your eyes stand out

Seki Edge Eyebrow Tweezers encompass some of the best tweezers around! Created from centuries-old practices, Seki Edge uses high quality Japanese steel and gives special attention to each tweezer as individual craftsmen hand-finish the tips. From slant tip tweezers to point tip tweezers, there is a tweezer for everyone. Use them to tweeze stray eyebrow hairs, get rid of a unibrow, remove splinters or just remove any kind of body hair. You can even use the tweezers for non-hair use such as for arts and crafts or picking pin bones out of fish! 

Eyelash curler refills keep curlers going strong!

Eyelash curlers makes your lashes stand out and make your eyelashes look more open. Without bending your lashes, these eyelash curlers gently curl to give you long, natural looking lashes that will last all day long! But after some time, the pads become less effective and need to be replaced. When you start to notice your eyelashes not curling as well, that's when it's time to replace the pads. 

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