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Cuticle Pushers

Seki Edge cuticle pushers push down excessive cuticle growth for beautiful nails

Cuticle Pusher

Seki Edge Cuticle Pushers are easy to use and push cuticles down with ease. Made in Seki, Japan, our cuticle pushers push down overgrown skin so that you can maintain a clean nail bed. These cuticle pushers are ecommended and used by professionals. Pushing down cuticles is important for having nice looking nails. When cuticles get overgrown, they have a tendency to get dry and cracked, ultimately leading to hang nails and bleeding. Keeping your cuticles groomed and maintained twice a month is adequate for keeping nails healthy and looking great. 

A Cuticle Tool You Can't Live Without!

Choose from two different cuticle pushers in the Seki Edge line. One is a nail file, nail cleaner and cuticle pusher  all-in-one while the other one is just a cuticle pusher. A cuticle pusher is a tool you really should have in your manicure set because it helps to keep your nail bed looking groomed and clean. Check out our selection below.

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