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Cuticle Nippers & Pushers

Seki Edge cuticle nippers and cuticle pushers are great for getting nail cuticles in shape

Cuticle Tools

Cuticle Nippers

Improve the appearance and health of your cuticles! Cracked dry cuticles can be annoying and can stunt your fingernail growth while suffering from hangnails. Let a cuticle cutter take care of that for you! That's why Seki Edge has some of the best cuticle nippers. Performance is king so stop hassling with dull cuticle nippers that don't do their job. Your cuticles are waiting to get in shape.

Before you start use a cuticle pusher

Before you can use a cuticle nipper you need to use a cuticle pusher. Without a pusher there's not much to cut off. After soaking nails in warm water for 5 minutes to soften up the cuticles, use a cuticle pusher to push down excess, overgrown cuticles. This makes using a nipper so much easier. 

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  1. 1/4 Jaw Cuticle Nipper (SS-306)

    h2>Cuticle clippers leave a clean nail bed!This professional 1/4 Jaw Cuticle Nipper makes cutting and cleaning cuticles easy! It's double spring action for smooth cutting motion, comfortable ergonomically designed handle, and sharp 1/4 jaw tip allows for a superior cuticle nipping job! Used by nail professionals, this cuticle nipper has a long shelf life and remains a must have tool for your nail grooming needs. Learn More
  2. Cuticle Pusher (SS-303)

    h2>Cuticle pushers are personal grooming tools that you must have for great looking nails!

    Maintaining healthy cuticles can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, but to have beautiful do-it-yourself cuticles it require great quality tools! The sleek Cuticle Pusher can help you to do this by gently pushing back those stubborn cuticles with ease. Not only can this tool be used at home, but it is appropriate for professional use as well!

    Learn More
  3. Flat Slant Cuticle Nipper (SS-301)

    h2>Cuticle nippers keep cuticles looking great!

    Although lightweight, this cuticle nipper is powerful and extremely durable. This sharp 1/4 jaw cutting edge cuts cuticles with accuracy. The handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The flat slant tips of the cuticle nipper prevents you from poking your skin while cutting. Sometimes the tip of the cuticle nipper is too sharp and it can be painful if you accidently poke yourself. That's why this cuticle nipper was developed...for protection. So if you are someone who requires extra safety while cutting, this cuticle nipper is for you. But just because the tips are flat doesn' Learn More

  4. Nail File with Pusher (SS-402)

    h2>A nail filer that acts as a nail file and a cuticle pusher!This versatile all-in-one nail cleaner, nail file and metal cuticle pusher is the perfect manicure companion. Compact and portable, take this versatile nail file with you anywhere. Fits nicely in a make-up bag, travel kit, or in a small compartment in the car. You never know when you will need an emergency tool like this! Use the metal cuticle pusher side to push down cuticles. Use the multi-directional etched nail file side to file freshly clipped nails. Then, use the pointed side of the nail file to clean underneath the nails. Learn More

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