‘Springy’ High Quality, Handcrafted Bamboo Ear Picks 

When ears are dirty, how are you supposed to clean them? Sometimes Q-tips just don’t do the job. Popular in Asia, if used correctly, ear picks can do the job better. Earwax can often times build up in the ear canal. Not a topic that is discussed often, excessive earwax buildup can also be a health issue if not addressed. A blocked ear canal is one of the most common causes of hearing loss!

To use an earpiece carefully scrape the side of the ear canal with the scoop in an upward motion and scoop the earwax out. Use with extreme care not to scrape too hard or insert too far. Clean and dry after every use. Store in a dry place.


ear picksThe Traditional Bamboo Ear Picks come as a set of 2. The curved end for scooping earwax allow you to scrape the ear canal and catch the earwax with ease. The bamboo used is very high quality and hand selected for springiness to prevent premature breakage. Each ear pick is individually handcrafted.

To learn more about these ear picks, click here.

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