Seki EdgeSEKI EDGE is an upscale, personal care tool line that uniquely combines centuries-old craftsmanship with modern technology, to create high performing stainless steel products that far exceed other tools on the market. With roots stretching back to the creators of the samurai sword in Seki, Japan, SEKI EDGE is an exquisite blend of mastery in metal work, function and design. From tweezers to nail clippers and more, SEKI EDGE promises each customer ground-breaking technology, the highest quality products, and the most innovative beauty tools available.


SEKI EDGE implements meet exact design and quality specifications, ensuring that product integrity and customer satisfaction are never in jeopardy. Our grooming products come with our SEKI EDGE Lifetime Guarantee, ensuring that our products are free from defects in material or workmanship or we will repair or replace the tool free of charge.


Today, new items, innovative in function and design, are being developed at an unprecedented rate. SEKI EDGE continues to look toward the future to provide customers with cutting edge products and the opportunity to experience SEKI EDGE.




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