Safely Remove Unwanted Calluses for Soft, Smooth Skin!

When your skin gets really tough under the feet, it can feel hard and very dry. Sometimes it can even hurt. Calluses are no where near pretty or feminine and if you think about it, it’s really just dead skin that has hardened over time. The constant pressure on the feet leads to your body developing a protective layer on your feet. Luckily, callouses are not permanent and all you have to do is scrape a lot of the old skin off and reveal the new.

callous removerThe Callus Remover is an excellent tool for safely removing calluses. It’s abrasive enough to work on tough thick calluses and yet gentle enough to not leave your skin raw. The remover consists of an ergonomic handle and safe metal abrasive for even grinding power. To clean, turn the small knob so that the lines on the knobs meet the lines on the handle and then pull the knobs out. The handle is detachable for cleaning and removal of debris. Then, reattach with knobs after cleaning. For best results, use the remover after a shower or bath to allow softening of the callus. Move in a back and forth motion over the callused area. When used regularly, rough skin will become softer and smoother.

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