Razor Cutting Hair Has Neve Been This Safe & Easy!

When using a razor in the hair, some people get scared because they think they will cut themselves. But they also fear that their lack of experience using a razor will chop up their hair and result in a horrible haircut. While it’s possible for you to look like Edward Scissorhands after a poor razor cut, you can achieve a great razor cut by taking precautions and taking small portions of hair to razor cut. Start conservative and see what you like. You can always cut off more, but you can’t reattach hair! To manage a razor cut at home it’s important that your razor has a guard so you won’t get cut. It’s also important for you to maintain control on how much hair is being cut off.

haircutting styling razorThe Haircutting Styling Razor was optimally designed with flexibility in mind for your blending and texturizing needs. This haircutting razor is truly unlike any other. The center dial adjusts the razor blade to cut more or less hair depending on the setting you choose. The blade adjusts as the dial is turned. The handle can be adjusted for right or left hand use by depressing the lever on the bottom of the handle. By having guarded blades, this keeps razor haircutting worry free.

hair razorTo replace blades, slide back the comb cover downward toward the handle. Gently remove cover. Use care when changing the blades as they are sharp. then replace comb cover and slide back into place. Easy and simple to replace, the haircutting razor is highly unique. The razor comb uses double edged razor blades. Replacement blades are available in packs of 5 and 10. You can find these in the Seki Edge store so you can maintain the cutting quality of your razor.

To learn more about the Haircutting Styling Razor and replacement blades, click here!

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