A Premium Grooming Kit Just for Men

Men deserve a quality spa experience just like women. That means having tools that feel like quality and give a quality experience. When it comes to grooming a few tools that can really get a man started are great nail clippers and a good pair of nostril scissors.

Seki Edge proudly introduces the Men’s Premium Grooming Kit. This popular kit has been reinvented as a 3-piece kit with a stylish new case to meet your most essential grooming needs by turning your manicure and pedicure chores into a spa quality experience.

nostril scissorsTrim your toenails with our top selling stainless steel toenail clipper the SS-107. This nail clipper stands at 3 oz. with twice-tempered stainless steel blades that are individually hand-finished.

Cut your fingernails with our number one selling nail clipper and number one selling item in our store, the stainless steel fingernail clipper! With a modern sleek design, hand-finished sharp blades, and a die cast lever, this nail clipper leaves clean cuts with smooth cutting action.

Trim your nostril hairs with the round tip nostril scissors. With rounded tips and rubber finger hole inserts, you can be sure to trim a sensitive area comfortably.

The case also contains 2 mesh pockets to store other items of your choice. The larger pocket can carry larger odd shaped items. The smaller mesh pocket can carry items such as tweezers or a Seki Edge Cuticle Pusher.

The Men’s Premium Grooming Kit contains our top products housed in a beautifully designed zip up case to easily store or take with you while travel.

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