A Multi-Functional Nail File

A good nail file can file your nails to your preferred smoothness. But a great nail file does this among other functions. A great nail file might have a cuticle pusher and a pointed end for getting the gunk out from under the nails. A great nail file will be easy to handle and use. A multi-function nail file can come in handy if you want to minimize the number of tools you have in your manicure bag.

nail fileThis versatile all-in-one nail cleaner, nail file and cuticle pusher is the perfect manicure companion. The multi-directional file etching allows for filing in any direction to easily clean and smooth out rough edges. Be sure to use cuticle softener when using the pusher. Compact and portable, take this multi-purpose nail file with you anywhere.

Click here to see the Nail File with Pusher!

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