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It’s a battle. What’s the difference between using manicure scissors vs. nail clippers? And which ones are better to use? We’ve all seen manicure scissors and nail clippers before but never really thought about which ones are ‘better.’ It seems that nail clippers have the advantage because they are so numerous and more popular than manicure scissors. But are nail clippers always the best choice when cutting your nails? Perhaps there are uses for manicure scissors that you didn’t think about.


I remember when I was a kid my mom used to cut my nails with manicure scissors. I didn’t really think about why she used them. At the time I didn’t even know there was such a thing as nail clippers because that was all my mom would use on my nails. I would watch my mom carefully cut my nails and when they were done they looked and felt pretty good. When I got older, however, somehow I transitioned into nail clippers. I don’t remember how that came about but maybe it was because I started cutting my nails on my own.
When I think about it today, using manicure scissors is really just a preference. One thing is for sure though, when you use manicure scissors you have more control over how you are cutting your nails. Nail clippers cut along a set edge. So if you are trying to achieve a desired look with your nails, then manicure scissors may be a better choice. Perhaps that’s why my mom used manicure scissors on my nails. She wanted more control.


With nail clippers it’s an easy standard cut. But you have to make sure that the width and opening of the nail clipper is satisfactory for your needs. If you have wide nails, make sure the nail clipper is wide in width and has an opening large enough to fit your nail. A nail clipper that is wide and large may not be appropriate for cutting your pinky fingernail. But a nail scissor could address both kinds of nails as long as the scissor is sturdy enough to cut through somewhat thick nails like a toenail. Thick nails may require a whole different tool.


Manicure scissors seem to be more prevalent for cutting baby nails. Again, mom has more control over cutting. But also, nail clippers can possibly cut the skin of the baby so some prefer the scissor over the clipper.


nail clippersAs an adult this really isn’t a problem. As an adult we have different problems. We have ingrown toenails, thick nails, odd shaped nails, thin nails, small or large nails. Manicure scissors can cut as deep as you want into the nail where a nail clipper can only go so far. Manicure scissors can cut straight across the nail to help prevent ingrown toenails. They can also cut in a curved manner. It’s all based on how you steer the scissor.


The Seki Edge manicure scissors are nice because they also have serrated edges which helps to grip as they cut. They are made of stainless steel so they are made of a tough, durable metal that won’t bend from trying to cut a nail. They also feature rubber finger holes for your comfort.


So when it comes to the battle of manicure scissors vs. nail clippers, it depends on your purpose. Nail clippers win in the overall general use. But manicure scissors win for more control and ‘customized’ cutting of the nail based on your needs.


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