Makeup Scissors: For Trimming Eyebrows & Other Facial Hair

Trimming small facial hairs or hairs in tight spaces can be difficult if you don’t have the right scissors. Small tips and and small cutting blades make it easy to be precise and accurate when addressing these small areas. When trimming eyebrows, sometimes it’s not about plucking hairs but rather trimming down the already existing hairs to give a nice groomed look. Make-up scissors are perfect for addressing small places.

makeup scissorsThe Stainless Steel Make-up Scissors is an excellent tool for trimming eyebrows, facial hair, and sensitive areas. These scissors are designed with a curved blade to keep pointed tips away from the skin and for easier trimming and precise cutting. The soft touch finger rings also allow for a comfortable fit. For safety, a cap is provided to protect the blades and prevent poking.

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