Keep Your Grooming Tools Safe & Organized

Caring for your grooming tools is an important part of maintaining their longevity. Having a case to house them not only allows them to last a long time, but it keeps your tools organized in one place. You can even take the case with you while traveling. It’s also nice to have a case that is versatile, meaning you can fit various tools in each of the slots which allows you to customize it to YOUR needs.

grooming caseWith high quality tools, you want a nice case to store them in. Introducing the Grooming Kit Case. It houses all of your Seki Edge tools. The first band is great for any Seki Edge toenail clippers, the second for fingernail clippers, the fourth band is good for any of our stainless steel nail files. And the 3rd band is perfect for any Seki Edge facial scissors.

On the opposing side, the first mesh pocket can fit any miscellaneous or odd shaped items such as our rounded nail file, cuticle nippers, or nail nipper. The second mesh pocket is great for items such as our tweezers.

We’ve made it easy. Just mix and match any of your favorite Seki Edge tools and plug them into their respective slots. Customize your kit and fill it with the tools that best fit your needs. Protect your tools, take them when you travel, or simply keep them in an orderly fashion. The grooming kit case is versatile and extremely useful.

Want to know exact tool fits in each elastic band? Click here!

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