The Safe Cuticle Nipper

Cuticles need trimming once in a while to maintain a nice nail bed. Having overgrown cuticles can get in the way of a nice manicure. Because most cuticle nippers have sharp, pointed tips, these cuticle nippers can potentially be dangerous to someone who’s not careful. Also, blades that are not sharp can rip or tear skin rather than cut. Having too sharp of a point to the tips as well as too dull of a blade will leave your cuticle area bleeding. To avoid such things, it’s important to have a cuticle nipper that keeps safety in mind.

cuticle nipperThis lightweight cuticle nipper is powerful and durable with flat slant tips and sharp edges, the one-quarter jaw cutting edge cuts cuticles with accuracy. To use, spread the elastoma handles, move the lever up and close. Squeeze the handle for a spring action and ease of use. When finished, move the lever down and close. For best results, be sure to soften cuticles before use with cuticle softener or by soaking cuticles in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Use a cuticle pusher to gather unwanted cuticles. Then use the nipper to remove them. The sharp flat slant tips make it easier to nip away stray cuticles without pulling or tugging and yet very safe because the tips are not sharp and they bend away from the skin. The elastoma handle makes it disinfectant safe and the ergonomic design helps to minimize fatigue.

To learn more about this flat slant nipper and other Seki Edge products, click here.

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