An Eyelash Curler that Keeps on Curling

Curling your eyelashes brings a great effect to your eyes. When your eyelashes are curled nicely, the curl upward can really open up the eyes and make them look larger. The eyes are such an important part of the face that making them stand out can really make a difference in your physical beauty. It seems a lot of curlers have a difficult time creating a curl. Over time they wear out and seem useless. This means it’s time to get a new one. Why not invest in one where all you have to do is replace the pads when the curler doesn’t curl anymore?

metal eyelash curlerWe all want beautiful, long, luscious lashes. Part of getting this effect is to have a great eyelash curler. Voted ‘Healthiest Curler’ by Health Magazine for superior design and construction, the Seki Edge Metal Eyelash Curler is designed with a a wide curl surface to fit your whole eyelash. It’s comforted by a silicone pad to gently curl without crushing or cutting your eyelashes for a soft natural curl. Attached to the curler is a spare replacement pad. Pads should be replaced every several months or as necessary. Replacements can be found at the Seki Edge store as the SS-601R. This curler executes for quick and easy action drawing more attention to your eyes as they look larger and more open.

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