If You Ever Feel Like You’ve Got a Lawn Growing in Your Nose…

If you ever feel like you’ve got a lawn growing in your nose, you might not need a lawn mower. Perhaps all you need are some clippers. What your ‘lawn’ really needs is some fine pruning so as not to be too shabby. We all need nose hairs for biological purposes. However, when they become excessively long, it becomes a hygienic and appearance issue. Wild hairs making its way around bodily orifices is unsightly and requires urgent grooming attention. But the nose is a sensitive area and it’s important you use the right tool.

nose hair scissorsThe Stainless Steel Nostril Scissors (SS-908) features rubber inserts to provide comfort for your fingers as you trim. The short blades and rounded tips prevent poking of the sensitive nose area for safe trimming without pulling hair, yet these scissors have sharp edges made of stainless steel that can precisely trim those unwanted nose hairs. These nostril scissors are also found in the Men’s Premium Grooming Kit and the Men’s Deluxe Grooming Kit.

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