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Seki Edge maintains a selection of accessories that accompany our tools

Personal Grooming Tools

Grooming Kits are not complete without Accessories!

Accesories were designed to protect your tools and accessorize your tool collection. Keep them organized in an orderly fashion! Seki Edge accessories include tool bags and cases as well as products that compliment our tools. When you've paid good money for quality products you don't want them to get damaged from something that could have been prevented. Protect them with one of our accessories.

From bags to cases to pouches, choose one that's right for you and right for your tools. If you want a looser format, opt for the Kinchaku Bag or Suede Bag. If you want a more structured format where tools are tightly situated, opt for the Grooming Kit Case. Also, be sure to keep tweezers protected with the Tweezer Case.

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  1. DuBoa Facial Brush

    p>The DuBoa Facial Brush is soft against the skin and helps to remove dirt and impurities. With a rubber handle for easy gripping and control the clear bristles help clean and exfoliate the skin. Facial brushes when used a couple times a week can help reduce acne, scars, and keep pores clear.

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  2. DuBoa High Tech Brush

    he DuBoa High Tech Brush gained popularity as a stylist's hairbrush of choice. If professionals use it, why can't consumers? Highly popular in Australia, the DuBoa Brush is a solid hairbrush that brushes through hair with ease keeping hair strands free of split ends and having a comfortable grip. Learn More
  3. Grooming Kit Case

    h2>The men's Grooming Kit Case is perfect for customizing your kit with the tools that work for you!

    You asked. We created it. Time and time again customers would buy a variety of tools only to realize they didn't have a case to house them in. With high quality tools, who wouldn't want a nice case to store them in? Introducing the Grooming Kit Case. Versatile, sophisticated, convenient and perfect for all of your Seki Edge tools. We've made it easy. Just mix and match and plug them into their respective slots. See below for a list of tools that fit in each mesh pocket and elastic band.

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  4. JATAI Razor + Shear Stand

    he JATAI Razor + Shear Stand is a great way to display your tools. Whether it's a straight razor, double edge razor or shears, this stand allows you to show off your beautiful tools! It's chrome plated with a simple design. Display your tools at home or in the salon. The stand does not hold the Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor (AS-D2) but will fit Artist Club, Switch Blade Shears, Feather Wood Handle Stainless Double Edge Razor (WS-D1S) and the Feather Popular Double Edge Razor. You can even fit the Nape and Body Razor if you desire. Learn More
  5. Suede Manicure Bag

    h2>Keep all your personal grooming tools in this compact bag!This beautiful black suede bag with a purple lining is very durable yet soft and is the perfect bag to hold all of your Seki Edge tools! The inside nylon lining is situated with 3 mini elastic straps to hold smaller tools such as tweezers and scissors. It is machine washable and very easy to clean, inside and out. Versatile, handy, convenient and compact, it is a must-have to hold all your tools in one place! Learn More

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